October 23, 2020

Preparing to shut down the product

Matthias Bohlen @Mattes3

I learnt that Trainer's Joy solves a problem that seems to be too rare. A trainer will not redesign their trainings often enough that this product will help them. I will now try to make a product that solves a problem that occurs daily. Next experiment: Putting up a landing page for "Yes but not for long", then see how many sign-ups and customer interviews I will get.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Added Stripe integration
    One of the most tedious tasks when setting up a new project is to implement the whole payment flow and subscription management. Especially for a SaaS
  • Finally open source 👐
    everypage has always promised to be open source and today we are finally delivering on this 💃🕺 https://github.com/kibalabs/everypage Go ahead and gi
  • 250 signups and first paying customer!
    3 days after my launch on PH and making it to the 5th product of the day, Job Description AI passed 250 signups and I had my first paying customer. Fe
  • Introducing the SaaS Resources Dashboard
    Customers who bought Serverless SaaS will gain access to the new "resources" dashboard. This place will hold all the links to resources related to the
  • Come up with idea
    For me, as a developer, finding an interesting idea has always been challenging. I believe everyone's productivity related to the type of project they
  • 14 Great Admin Panel Themes for E-commerce
    14 Great Admin Panel Themes for E-commerce https://flatlogic.com/blog/14-great-admin-panel-themes-for-e-commerce/ An opinionated list of templates for
  • Launching as a free product
    This week I decided to soft-launch fireful.io as-is for free. Another six to seven months passed by with fireful sitting on the back of my mind occupy
  • Added Facebook and Instagram integration
    Facebook and Instagram integration are in. sdfasdasgasgasg asd g adsg asdg sda asdgadfga dfg dfg fgdf. df g df g df g. d fg sd f g dfg sd f g sdf g df
  • How to Translate a Website Contact Page
    Why reach one audience, when you can reach the world? If your business knows no borders then MightyForms makes it easier to translate your contact for
  • Creativerly 2021 - A general update of what has be
    *As most of you know, I always try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to insights about Creativerly. I missed out on that over the last co