Drupal / PHP courses + registration launched

We relaunched the marketing site and added our public Drupal / PHP courses, an event registration system, and a blog.

We made the decision to use a static site "to get it out there faster" but that has generated much more work than I had anticipated: more work to get external forms integrated, more work to get comments integrated, more work to get a third party commerce solution going.

Of course we know from the beginning that static sites aren't meant for all these things, but we thought the marketing site would stay small and simple. Ha!

My personal opinion: I won't be making static sites again. My expertise lies with Drupal. I thought a quick static site would be, well, quicker, but all things considered I should have stuck with Drupal.

With all that said, I'm extremely happy the marketing site's updated, the commerce solution (Drupal 8 + Commerce 2 + Stripe) is up and running, and we're waiting for that magical first online registration to come in.

Wish us luck, and check us out if you're interested in Drupal 8/9!

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    Good luck. I fell into Drupal dev 8 years back still could not come out of Drupal.

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      Drupal has a particular learning curve for sure, and it's exactly that learning curve we're hoping to help people overcome.

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