September 23, 2019

Jon Buda interviewed on CodeStory

Justin Jackson @mijustin

My path really starts with this thing I built in college, which was a Linux-based audio web server.

My process when I'm building something is to sketch a bunch of stuff. It's very easy to do. As I said, I'm kind of "sketching" with code. You can try things out, you can erase things very easily. And the way I've built things in the past: you don't really build these things with scaling in mind, necessarily.

Good interview with @jonbuda, co-founder and lead developer of Transistor. 👍

Today's Top Milestones
  • Launched a new plan!
    I've spent the last few months deep in the weeds doing dozens of sales calls for Koala Rank and I've noticed an objection pattern which I think can be
  • Venturing in the land of SEO
    My co-founder and I built various products over the years. Recently, we built (Organisely)[], an appointment management syst