November 20, 2019

A thought while I wait

Amy @ @travelingflwr

While I wait for release day I wanted to drop a note on a sister project.

This release really came about due to events that precipitated a need for change. This change really needed a complete re-evaluation of what was important to me and my family.

We needed to bare our roots.

While this release is about how I felt, my other project is to build a tool around how we dealt with our recovery approach. That spawned “The List of Minimums”.

For us, it was rebooting everything to RV full time. That was our chosen path.

The LoM’s came about from a framework we used to help us make some critical choices, make actionable plans to get there and keep track of not only progress but sticking points.

I’ll be integrating all that we learned into the tool with hopes that it will be valuable to anyone that has a big change they need help with.

Stay tuned and watch both projects.