January 19, 2020

Version 2 is out. Also Sticky cards!

Robert Ivanov @robibobinet

Version 2.0.0 is out and the most requested feature is now live! You can now mark cards as sticky and the plugin will move them to the list top. Search for "Trello Improvements" in your browser extension store and check it out. Or find your link here: https://www.trelloimprovements.com/

The Sticky Cards was by far the most requested feature in my "support" Trello board (https://trello.com/b/4Vgbr5e7/trello-improvements-browser-add-on).

Due to how Trello works and how I've started the whole approach to improving it, it was a tricky thing to do.
I finally did it in a hacky and not ideal way, but at least it is now available and hopefully will be useful to people.
Some limitations exist, I'm aware of them, so this is still a feature in progress.

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