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I was keeping looking for keywords trends on google trends for my own business research, then I decided to keep the data closer to me :)

November 30, 2020 4 New customers during Black Friday Weekend


My initial goal was to get 5 new customers for the weekend, so I got 4 - close enough but still not it.

Most of the customers purchased the exponential plan for $11, which got me a little bit closer to $200 MRR

November 29, 2020 Launched a Chinese landing page

So I've seen that a lot of my traffic is coming from China. I'm not absolutely sure why but I'm ranking higher and higher on Baidu. So I said - why not?

Got a translator on upwork to translate my landing page to Chinese and let's see what happens

Happy to hear feedback about the copy if there are any mandarine native in the crowd

November 26, 2020 Reached $100 MRR!

Trends Everywhere just achieved $100 in MRR.
A big milestone and looking forward to reach next milesote: $200 MRR.

Any ideas on how should I scale marketing a little bit? reaching more people to install the extension

November 26, 2020 Black Friday Promotion

Added a black friday of 77% off all plans just for this long weekend.

I've read a few SaaS blogs that reported that these promotions pumped up sales significantly. Let's hope for the best.

Happy to get any feedback!

November 23, 2020 $68 MRR!

Crossed $60 MRR for my sideproject Trends Everywhere.
That's like 6 sixpacks a month!

Guess what I'm going to buy next :)

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November 9, 2020 Made my first dollar!

Exciting news!

The first free trial of Trends Everywhere Pro exponential plan ended last night and got me my first 25 bucks.

There are a few more trials about to end this month, so let's hope people like it enough to stay.

To many more to come, cheers! ­čŹ║

October 7, 2020 First Blogpost

I'm excited to write the first Trends Everywhere blog post. Once a week I will cover a new trend I have read and researched before going to sleep. Keyword trends charts from the Trend Everywhere app and interviews with topic experts will be included to get a better insight of every trend topic.

The first-ever trend I'd like to cover is Premium Newsletters.

August 6, 2020 Reached 4K daily active users

9 days since I got to 3K, a new milestone achieved - 4K users are actively using trends everywhere - the Chrome extension for data geeks to track current internet trends.

I'm getting more and more small and niche traffic source and I'm working for lightly to get more reffereals like this.

July 27, 2020 Reached 3K daily active users

My product hunt release is still showing results. In the past week I had about 200-250 daily installs and yesterday I finally reached the goal of 3000 active users.

I'm still not sure how to monetize this project, but I'm considering my options.
3000 users

I was keeping looking for keywords trends on google trends for my own business research, then I decided to keep the data closer to me :)