February 14, 2020

#1 Product of the Month

Josh Howarth @jhowarth15

We launched Exploding Topics on Product Hunt on December 3rd and we got #1 for the day and eventually #1 for the month too!

I've been meaning to write-up a short summary for a while, so here goes:

How we did it:

  • People loved the site, but...

  • I'm not going to lie, with Brian Dean working on the project too now, his absolutely massive audience had a huge impact. When he announced the launch to his newsletter we got a LOT of traffic to ExplodingTopics.com. Then we had a product hunt banner on the site, so some of these people then went on to upvote us on PH.

  • At the same time, I wrote up the Trennd/Exploding Topics acquisition story on Medium and we got a huge amount of traffic from that when it hit #2 on Hacker News.


  • 80K visitors in December

  • 3K new subscribers (even though we weren't remotely optimized for emails at the time. We had a link in the footer taking you to a subscribe page and that was it.)

  • 23rd in Product Hunt's most upvoted products of the year newsletter

  • People kept asking what happened to the newsletter, so we've brought that back with a revamp.

Any questions or any other details you want to know just give me a shout!

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