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It's 100X easier to bootstrap a profitable online business if you ride a big market trend.

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February 14, 2020 #1 Product of the Month

We launched Exploding Topics on Product Hunt on December 3rd and we got #1 for the day and eventually #1 for the month too!

I've been meaning to write-up a short summary for a while, so here goes:

How we did it:

  • People loved the site, but...

  • I'm not going to lie, with Brian Dean working on the project too now, his absolutely massive audience had a huge impact. When he announced the launch to his newsletter we got a LOT of traffic to ExplodingTopics.com. Then we had a product hunt banner on the site, so some of these people then went on to upvote us on PH.

  • At the same time, I wrote up the Trennd/Exploding Topics acquisition story on Medium and we got a huge amount of traffic from that when it hit #2 on Hacker News.


  • 80K visitors in December

  • 3K new subscribers (even though we weren't remotely optimized for emails at the time. We had a link in the footer taking you to a subscribe page and that was it.)

  • 23rd in Product Hunt's most upvoted products of the year newsletter

  • People kept asking what happened to the newsletter, so we've brought that back with a revamp.

Any questions or any other details you want to know just give me a shout!

December 3, 2019 Trennd was acquired!!

UPDATE: This is the full story written up:

Hey guys,

Trennd was acquired by Brian Dean of Backlinko!!

It’s so crazy… And it’s thanks to you fellow Indie Hackers showing me that it’s possible to build stuff without funding/team and slowly grow an audience around it.


I hadn’t monetized yet and I was incredibly lucky with how things worked out.


But when I started reading Indie Hackers two years ago, I never thought this would be possible.

I’m writing up the whole story (including acquisition details) which I will post later today.

We’ve got a fresh new look, name and focus now too - Exploding Topics (much easier to remember and easy to spell.) 💃

And we’re launching on Product Hunt today. Both Brian and I will be there replying to comments all day! 🤗




September 17, 2019 2500 mailing list subscribers!

Next up, 5k 💪😁

On another note, does anyone know of good tools to segment web visitors into user groups/personas?
 Ie. are they mainly content writers, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, etc

Right now I want to better understand who the most loyal returning users are. A tool/app that could do this automatically would be amazing? And magic ✨ (Google analytics just gives me gender and age it seems)

September 8, 2019 Month 3 Summary: Code Cave

This month I scuttled back into my code cave 🦀. This was with the view to making Trennd more robust and sustainable for the long term. That's important, and I’ve definitely made a lot of progress on the backend towards that goal.

But at the same time, I’ve done zero marketing this month 🤦‍♂️. The hype last month around the Hacker News launch and Twittersphere has naturally died down, along with the web traffic.

The mailing list count is still ticking up everyday though despite this, and we’ve reached a good new equilibrium of 100-300 visitors to the site everyday. Both are green flags to me. (I’m not sure if green flags are actually a real thing. Emojipedia doesn’t think so… 🚩)

  • Subscribers: 2,334 🎉
  • Users: 5,065 🕵️‍♀️
  • Pageviews: 28,016 👀
  • Trends: 1,847 📈

It’s way too easy for me to put marketing on the backburner and keep building in general. That’s where I’m most comfortable. Yet, I know full well marketing should be an ongoing crusade, alongside product improvement.

The most successful indie hackers I see around - they have systemized routines that enable them to continually output valuable content.

So my new goal is to figure out my own process to enforce continual, ongoing marketing and stay disciplined. If I have a weekly process that I have to stick to, this should slowly yield results and compound over time.

For instance, writing 1 quality report about a trend and sharing to Reddit/Twitter/etc each week/month could be a good start. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on this front too, I’m all ears?! 👂

There’s also a more detailed write-up of the month here: trennd.co/blog/august-19-update

August 29, 2019 Month 2 Summary: Hacker News Launch

Hi everyone,

Our second month was massive as we launched on Hacker News and the response was fantastic. A lot of quality discussion and Trennd even reached #1 on the front page, albeit very briefly!

No hacks or tricks for this one. But some general good practice when launching on Hacker News:

  • get your Show HN title right! (simple, clear and humble often works best)
  • draft an opening comment that is relatable
  • be active in the comments & discussion (reply to the nice/constructive comments and ignore any undue/negative criticism - this way you direct attention to the good stuff!)

This Show HN went on to have a huge domino effect onto Twitter. Dozens of people tweeted about Trennd. Amazingly we even got a shoutout from Rand Fishkin. This made my month. 🤩

All of this combined to rocket us above 2000 email subscribers. I’m ecstatic and excited to build this thing out further and see where we’re at in 12 months.

  • Subscribers: 2,263 🎉(+1,910)
  • Users: 28,353 🕵️‍♀️ (+26,274)
  • Pageviews: 124,026 👀(+116,453)
  • Trends: 1672 📈(+800)
  • Insights: 54 👁(+2)

I wrote up a full breakdown of events here:

(And apologies this month’s update is weeks late. It’s only the second one… and I already fell behind! I prefer coding to writing, but definitely need be more disciplined with these.)

July 19, 2019 Launched on Hacker News (#2 right now!)

Finally posted Trennd as a Show HN. It was literally 40min ago - I’m pretty excited and anxious at the same time!

UPDATE: #2 right now 🤩🤙

You can check out the impact on Trennd’s traffic and subscriber count live on the open page too: https://trennd.co/open

July 5, 2019 Month 1 Summary: Reddit Validation

Subscribers: 353 🎉(207 from subscribe banner on home page and 146 from Product Hunt Ship)
Traffic/Users: 2,079 🕵️‍♀️
Trends: 872 📈
Insights: 52 👁

After the first 5 weeks I’m absolutely chuffed with the results. (That’s British slang for very pleased!)

I hadn’t set any goals, but 353 email subscribers is way beyond anything I expected.

At this initial pre-launch stage, I had mainly wanted to get some initial users to help iron out any wrinkles and bugs, and to point out any big holes in terms of functionality. And we did that.

But I’m even more pumped that the initial feedback was so overwhelmingly positive. And I’ve been able to take a lot of the feedback gathered to improve Trennd in lots of ways.

There's a more in-depth blog post of all the events: https://trennd.co/blog/june-19-update

June 3, 2019 Public voted on new name: Trennd!

I ran a public twitter poll to decide on the new name for Trend List. Over 100 people voted and Trennd beat Trendful by a narrow margin! 🎉


Why did I rebrand? I discovered Trend List is also the brand name of a pretty big graphic design website. And there was no need to compete with their Domain Authority from the outset! 😁

May 23, 2019 Launched Beta on Reddit (Gold = Validation?!)

Posted on r/entrepreneur for some initial feedback & product validation. Got some awesome results:

  • 500 reddit upvotes
  • 1 reddit gold
  • 1k traffic
  • 80 email subscribers
  • 50 user signups
  • 100 twitter poll votes for new name


April 15, 2019 Started working on Trend List!

Started to put together the MVP. Both the data collection & processing backend along with the web app.

It's 100X easier to bootstrap a profitable online business if you ride a big market trend.

Exploding Topics helps you discover what that is!