August 6, 2020

First 3 customers!

Akhil @akhilmk

It took 48 hours post-launch and I have largely Indiehackers to thank for it.

The initial goal was 100$ for the first week, but now Triggered is just one sale away from passing the mark.

Even though it's a small achievement, what helped is being candid and asking for feedback and help. An earlier version of me would've shied away from the thought of admitting I have 0 sales. Not the case now.

I've started using the content in the database to generate ideas to start conversations with potential customers. Like ideas to identify sales opportunity for a CRO Saas, webflow agency, etc. Might soon do a challenge here on IH!

Today's Top Milestones
  • We've reached $5,000 MRR and 800 subscribers!
    We just reached $5,073 MRR with 832 paying subscribers! We’ve gone from $415 MRR in April this year (1000% MRR growth in 6 months)! Plausible Analytic
  • 2 new subscribers on the $100 /mo plan
    1 week ago we launched a new service at called RefMonkey Done-for-you where we create done-for-you referral and affili
  • 3000 subscribers!
    As of today, 3,000 people are actively receiving the Software Ideas newsletter every week, whether that's the paid version (which has 291 subscription
  • We are making the future of work arrive faster!
    86 jobseekers signed up and 54 got a job last week. 35 business owners posted 74 jobs last week Sign up on to hire experienced wo
  • 300 eBook downloads: first 100 users
    My new piece of content marketing has hit 300 download in less than a week. The ebook is 100 ideas for you startup's first 100 users and is taken from
  • 1st partnership with deals for our members
    As a part of our product and marketing strategy, we're working in partnerships to strengthen our offering and acquisition channels. In this case, we'v
  • Hit 2000 signups
    Bear Blog now has 2000 blogs running on the platform. You can check out the discovery feed to see what people are writing about. Pretty much all of th
  • Published Extension - Indie Quotes on chrome tab
    Published a free chrome app - Basicaly you can get curated Quotes from top indie hackers on your new chrome tab for free . Link-
  • Spoke to 5 users this week
    I have been struggling with this, I honestly think this is my biggest pain point right now. I did this by implementing a new feature that encouraged e
  • FIRST SALE!!! 🙌🤗🕺🏻 + Chapter 0.1.7 Released
    Technically the sale came in this morning so will show for tomorrow's stats. I was just too pumped not to post it now. I started posting the book on a