December 4, 2019


Vinoth Ramiah @vin047

TripUp was originally meant to be TravelMinion, an app for travellers to use on group holidays as a sort of all-in-one utility app. Eventually, I realised that I needed to narrow focus as I was losing time to feature creep and the app had a poor user experience. The photo sharing feature was the most functional aspect of the app, so I decided to spin it off as a standalone product.

Do one thing well instead of many things poorly.

Existing photo sharing solutions still require creating intermediary shared albums or group chats, don't share in full quality and aren't truly private, relying on symmetric encryption and storing the keys for you. The idea of TripUp came from my own desire to do things properly and a dose of psychedelic inspiration.

Here's hoping the rest of the trip goes well! 🥂

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