October 8, 2019

Came up with idea

John Lohavichan @jloha312

I was thinking about the problems I had and one was warranties. I had a raincoat that I thought was covered for life but wasn't. This Idea was confirmed more in July/August when I bought a watch for my son that was supposed to be waterproof and had a lifetime warranty. When it failed and I tried to use the warranty they denied it because the store receipt did not match the watch description. I then went to try and use the credit card extended warranty and they denied it because they claimed they don't cover water related issues. All this made me feel powerless and misled so I wanted to make something to help consumers like me analyze, track and figure out warranties in a new and easy way.

I thought the name Trustfuss was neat because it combines "trust" with "fuss" so you could trust us to take the fuss out of warranties :)

I also focused on a idea because I wanted to apply to YC Startup School and I wanted to run it through the program.

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