August 29, 2019

Seeking Tech Co-Founder

Jeff Carpenter @jeff_carp

Looking for a co-founder with the following expertise:

JavaScript, CSS, REST APIs, Mongo, Elastic, OAuth 2.0, GSuite Apps Script, UI/UX Design and has a Portfolio of Work / Previous Projects.

The goal of this product/company is:

-While Investors are interested,

-Don't Raise Money

-Grow it the Indie Hacker way

-With a Profit-First Model

-Developing a Simple App

-That has Low Cost Maintenance & Hosting

-With an Intuitive UI/UX

-Requiring Minimal Customer Support

-To maximize Net Profit

-From Individual Consumer Subscriptions

-To Generate $10K MRR or More

-Without employees,

-Split the Net Revenue among Founders

-Creating Passive Income
(Not sell the Company)

-To Fuel other Projects/Products/Interests

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