Came up with the idea

I got fired two days before October 2019 from the local mobile game development studio where I was working for five years. Through these years I worked as a junior game developer, lead developer, and project leader. My team and I made 40+ games that have more than 30M downloads and 500K DAU.
I gain a lot of experience through these years, get some money and after a few days of thinking and talking with my girlfriend (2D artist) we start our own story.

We decided to work on the hyper-casual game because we wanted to develop fast. Our primary goal is to build an MVP until the end of November and to focus on D1 retention to be greater than 75% until January 1st, 2020.

These goals are huge, and they are scaring me, but I believe they are right and that people will recognize our sincerity and hustle.

I am very thrilled to introduce you to our story and I’m inviting you to be with us on this journey because it will be great and unforgettable.

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