October 24, 2020

Launch day

Josh Ghent @joshghent

The last few bugs for the site were fixed and the site was shipped live!
I’m incredibly proud of launching a product but have loved the journey and struggle of getting it to market.
Now I need to market the product, which, in retrospect, I should have done more of during the build. Never mind, I think it’s a key takeaway of this process.

I’m going to create screencasts, tweets and reach out to coworkers (former and present) to propose the app to them and demo it.

Because I hope people will read this and want to learn what it takes to build a product, here are my personal key takeaways from the process

  • Marketing is part of building the product - don’t underestimate it
  • Use momentum when building products to build them faster
  • There is always a lot more features than your core USP - be mindful that you sometimes need to build “surrounding” features like authentication, payment flows etc.
  • No matter how much advise you read - it helps to experience it yourself
  • Enjoy the journey not the destination - if you don’t enjoy the building part of products then you’ll quickly burn out

These insights aren’t unique but I hope they help you on your journey

Please check it out here: https://TurboAPI.dev
If you tweet “I’m an indie hacker” to @TurboAPI on Twitter and follow the account then I’ll send you a free month code