October 24, 2020

Launch day

Josh Ghent @joshghent

The last few bugs for the site were fixed and the site was shipped live!
I’m incredibly proud of launching a product but have loved the journey and struggle of getting it to market.
Now I need to market the product, which, in retrospect, I should have done more of during the build. Never mind, I think it’s a key takeaway of this process.

I’m going to create screencasts, tweets and reach out to coworkers (former and present) to propose the app to them and demo it.

Because I hope people will read this and want to learn what it takes to build a product, here are my personal key takeaways from the process

  • Marketing is part of building the product - don’t underestimate it
  • Use momentum when building products to build them faster
  • There is always a lot more features than your core USP - be mindful that you sometimes need to build “surrounding” features like authentication, payment flows etc.
  • No matter how much advise you read - it helps to experience it yourself
  • Enjoy the journey not the destination - if you don’t enjoy the building part of products then you’ll quickly burn out

These insights aren’t unique but I hope they help you on your journey

Please check it out here: https://TurboAPI.dev
If you tweet “I’m an indie hacker” to @TurboAPI on Twitter and follow the account then I’ll send you a free month code

Today's Top Milestones
  • Added Stripe integration
    One of the most tedious tasks when setting up a new project is to implement the whole payment flow and subscription management. Especially for a SaaS
  • Finally open source 👐
    everypage has always promised to be open source and today we are finally delivering on this 💃🕺 https://github.com/kibalabs/everypage Go ahead and gi
  • 250 signups and first paying customer!
    3 days after my launch on PH and making it to the 5th product of the day, Job Description AI passed 250 signups and I had my first paying customer. Fe
  • Introducing the SaaS Resources Dashboard
    Customers who bought Serverless SaaS will gain access to the new "resources" dashboard. This place will hold all the links to resources related to the
  • Launching as a free product
    This week I decided to soft-launch fireful.io as-is for free. Another six to seven months passed by with fireful sitting on the back of my mind occupy
  • Added Facebook and Instagram integration
    Facebook and Instagram integration are in. sdfasdasgasgasg asd g adsg asdg sda asdgadfga dfg dfg fgdf. df g df g df g. d fg sd f g dfg sd f g sdf g df
  • Our new website is live!
    Over the last few weeks, we interviewed more than 50 product leaders, learnt about their pain points and built our MVP. Today, we launch our new landi
  • Finished building my MVP
    Just finished my MVP using a mix of code, low code and no code tools. These include Airtable, Zapier, Google Big Query and Google Data Studio. I am in
  • How to Translate a Website Contact Page
    Why reach one audience, when you can reach the world? If your business knows no borders then MightyForms makes it easier to translate your contact for
  • Creativerly 2021 - A general update of what has be
    *As most of you know, I always try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to insights about Creativerly. I missed out on that over the last co