Launch of first public MVP

We were unhappy with how web links are shared via messenger or social media because they don't offer appropriate capabilities for managing these links.

We coded all day (and night) to finish this first iteration of a public MVP. We focused on performance as well as a clear UX and UI design.

We are thinking about the next features but are not quite sure in which direction to go. What are you missing? What do you like/dislike?

  1. 2

    I think you're missing the problem you're solving. When I scanned your site, I saw the things I COULD do with your app, but I still don't know WHY I need it.

    Maybe add a section into your landing page stating the problem that your service fixes.

    1. 3

      Thanks for your valuable feedback! Yes, I agree that our 'unhappiness with current solutions' should be more clearly stated out on the landing page.

      Most of the people we interviewed are sharing links via messenger or on social media but weren't able to keep track of them. And then they have to do workarounds like copy and paste the link in a notes app to remember this interesting article without being lost on an endless timeline or infinite chat history.

  2. 1

    I'd be interested if the outputted links create and RSS feed.

    1. 1

      Unfortunately, a RSS feed is currently not in the planning, but I will tell you if that should change.

      As a RSS noob, can you enlighten me about how you use RSS feeds? It is possible to subscribe to specific topics, people and feeds?! Which client can you recommend to access RSS feeds?

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