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We have created a easy-to-use platform which allows parents to track the educational progress of their child in real-time

September 25, 2020 Launched Tutorpass MVP

We launched the first version of Tutorpass this week. So far we have two paying customers and one potential customer we are looking to onboard. It's not that much, but it's definitely something to start with.

Our website has a product demo and links to a Google Form to get people started. There is not much to it, but it allows us to silently push up functionality in the background and turn it on once we are ready. We are also collecting data on the features that people will most be interested in on the website.

August 2, 2020 Started working on Tutorpass

Today, my partner and I started working on a tuition platform called Tutorpass. After 200+ hours of teaching online over the last year, we realised a couple of things:

  1. It was difficult to track how the kids are performing holistically, they can't see how they are doing in relation to their peers and often not sure how to improve without the nudging of the tutor. The platforms I was using didn't have scope for such data points to be added.

  2. The platforms were terrible at providing real-time automated feedback to vested parties (parents, guardians, teachers, etc) apart from when the next lesson was. It often felt like said parties were relying on verbal testimonies from student or ourselves and this isn't always sufficient. We wish they had data points at every step of the child's tuition to help them see the journey. We could do this manually, but why not standardise it across the board?

  3. The platforms lacked a data bank which could automatically assign work to students based on their performance to date. This was down to the tutor. Very time consuming. Once again, if I know the student's weak points, why not just have a system in place to automatically tailor a revision plan for them. This would hopefully create a cyclical effect wherein the more time the child spends on the platform working, the more data we have about their performance, the more feedback we give to vested parties and also incrementally improve the child's learning goals.

So we started building Tutorpass, a platform that allows tutors like myself to not only teach their students in a more structured, effective way, but also give students and other vested parties a clear view of where they are at and where they need to be. Let's see how this journey goes.

We have created a easy-to-use platform which allows parents to track the educational progress of their child in real-time