Got 24000 pageviews on HN launch

Yesterday I launched Tweet Jobs on Hacker News and got to the front page for 12 hours! Overall it resulted in 22,000+ pageviews and almost 160 followers on twitter. Here are some lessons I learned:

If your website got down on HN launch then suddenly update website with a message popup that there is something wrong and we are fixing it. Mean while follow on twitter or etc to get updates.

I did same when my APIs crashed. So, I add message with my twitter link and people was queries to know the updates.

Before going live on HN update your free server to paid. So, if you got famous then your reputation will be good.

Yess!!! Don't pay attention to the haters. There will always be some negative commenters. Ignore them, try not to take it personally, and focus on the positive.

I'm excited for what comes next!

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    You might want to check out Digital Ocean. I hit the front page of HN a few weeks ago and got a similar amount of traffic.

    It didn't even come close to stressing my $5/month droplet and I have 4 other sites running on it!

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      As the dude that has a $5 droplet always worried it won't be able to handle things, this makes me feel great XD

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      How does it compare to Heroky hobby?

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        Cheaper, faster, double the ram, and no artificial limit on the number of processes. That said DO is lower-level. It's a VPS, not a PaaS.

        If you are unfamiliar with Linux and wouldn't be comfortable following Digital Ocean's guides to set up whatever software you want to use, then it might not be the option for you. They do have a lot of one-click installers for popular software though (e.g. WordPress, Ghost, Discourse, Gitlab, Rails, LAMP, LEMP, etc, etc)

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    Thats great traffic, so out of 22,000 views, did anybody by any ads yet?

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      Hey, I see your tool. You can add your API here https://public-apis.xyz

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      Still not because people will in future. It's 6 days old product and That will took time.

      Currently, I'm looking for 1-2 main sponsors those have similar audience like tweetjobs.

      Example: resume builder companies. Let me know if you any product or company that can sponsor tweetjobs.

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      I was wondering the same...

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    Congrats! Also, great job dealing with the API's crashing and handling the influx of traffic. I can tell from how you write your posts that you are a positive guy that doesn't focus on the negative. Look forward to more updates!

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      Thank you very much for kind words.


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    congratulations man!!!!!

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    Congrats Danish. TweetJobs is one of the coolest projects I've come across of late. I'd not exactly ignore the haters - some of the comments there have valid points. I'd use that to refine the pitch and the product. HN community is one of the smartest on the planet.

    I love it that it broke your site - it's a great problem to have.

    If you could also share the impact (signups, email subscribers etc) that'd be great.

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    Congrats! Hope many of those views and followers turn into actual customers.

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      Thanks. Yes, but now I'm thinking to B2B.

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    Damn man!! Congrats!!

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    Nice! Yea I had seen that on there - looked good and people seemed to be responding well to it.

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    Congrats Danish!
    It would be great to know since how long you are active on HN? Does karma matter in attracting more view points?

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      I'm active on HN since 5 month. I don't think karma matter.

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    I found your tweet also :)

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    👏 Well done! Eager to see what happens next

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      Yes, now it's working great. Still getting some k traffic. It was amazing to see on HN.

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    Good stuff 👏 How did you handle the traffic?

    Front page is great, any tips?

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      Thanks brother.

      I'm using zeit servers.

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        If you don't me asking - Paid or free plan?

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    Congrats Danish! Your products always look beautiful & solve one problem very well. I like your approach. Keep it up.

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      Thank you very much Bilal. I'm happy you like my products.

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    I'm using simple analytics tool. Here is the link https://simpleanalytics.com/tweetjobs.dev

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    This is a super product from Danish, it makes us (designer) easily got hiring info from twitter which is so hard to search one by one. Nice work man!

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      Thanks brother. I'm happy you like this tool.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      I'm happy you like this.

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