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TweetFeast is a no-code way to get data out of Twitter without fiddling around with API keys.

September 29, 2021 First user contact

Signups are trickling in as people test out the tweet download functionality. Somebody reached out to ask about bulk educational pricing. Once I launch properly this will be something to consider.

I also dabbled with a couple of ideas for pivoting TweetFeast to a different Twitter app idea. After testing some stuff and then thinking better of it I came back to the core idea again. Got to stay focused.

Work continues on the features and organic search traffic is gradually starting to trend upwards.

TweetFeast search traffic early days

July 22, 2021 Started content marketing

I had a couple of slow weeks. struggling to motivate myself to work on TweetFeast. Eventually I managed to get back on the horse.

I built a simple blogging system and wrote the first article for the TweetFeast blog which is called Twitter Sentiment Analysis. It shows people how to do their own sentiment analysis of tweets using Python or JavaScript.

I started seeing a small trickle of traffic for these keywords soon afterwards.

June 10, 2021 Domain name, soft launch, and first users

My friend Tobias helped me find a good business name using GPT-3. Yep that's right, an AI picked my business name!

I quickly registered and put together a landing page. A week later I announced the new site on my Twitter. Amazingly the first users signed up immediately and started testing the download features. \o/

May 12, 2021 Got the core download feature working

This week I added table view and download of the tweets you searched for.

This is the core feature of the platform so it's great to get it in there. Now people can search for tweets and then download them to CSV or JSON format.

April 21, 2021 Researching and building

I did a bunch of research on keyword volume for the problem space, looking at existing alternatives, and seeing where I could differentiate.

I decided to build completely in public, posting updates on Twitter every week. This is the day I made the first post and you can find the full thread here:

In the weeks following I got basic stuff working like authentication and interfacing with the Twitter API.

Later I ended up skipping some weeks but having this thread really helped me come back to it and re-focus again. Building in public is a good motivator.

April 15, 2021 Planning a Twitter based micro-SaaS

My music apps are doing ok making a small amount of money each month. I'm making sales, but each individual sale is only a few dollars and I can't help thinking "what if each of these sales was a monthly subscription for $49 instead?"

A good micro-SaaS idea should fit these criteria:

  • Has business payers.
  • Has existing demand.
  • I have experience in the domain.
  • Low on-going maintainance.
  • I can reach the customers.

A Twitter based micro-SaaS seems to fit this mould and checks all o the boxes. I have personally had the need to download Twitter data for analysis myself. Time to start researching.


TweetFeast is a no-code way to get data out of Twitter without fiddling around with API keys.