November 10, 2019

21 sign ups & 600 commits analysed in 10 days

Mike Rogers @MikeRogers0

It was a really good soft launch! My main aim for this week was to get a few users signed up, see how people like the product & iron out any rubbish bits. I was only expecting 3-4 people to actually sign up, so I'm really happy.

To get my first users, I asked a couple of friends via Whatsapp to give me some initial feedback. I wrote down all their feedback in my file & then moved the most common actionable items into a todo list within the same file. The main change I needed to make was adjusting copy to explain the benefits of the product more clearly.

Once I sorted the big UX issues, I moved onto promoting to a bigger group of people. I posted a link to the Github Marketplace link ( ) into a slack group I'm fairly active in. For this group of users, I listened to their feedback like before & made sure for every user who gave me feedback got an awesome Easter egg added to the code for their efforts.

One thing I did to keep myself motivated during this week, is I setup my app to post a few stats daily to Slack. Waking up and seeing I had 2-3 new signups over night was really awesome!

My plan for the next week is to post to 2-3 slack groups which have a "show and tell" channel & keep tweaking the product based on feedback / usage.

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