October 28, 2020

🎉Beta launch

Nero @Nero_ceo

Today is the day, I've finally mustered up enough courage to launch the Beta version for UI Coach.
I created a landing page as an MVP about a month ago and posted it on Reddit and it got featured on BetaList which resulted in 550 Early access signups and I sent an email to all of them today so now it's just time to wait for the user's feedback.

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    1. How did you manage to post to Reddit without being banned for self-promotion?
    2. Did it really take just a month from a landing page to a beta? Wow!!!

    Best of luck with your project!

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      you mainly have to options either to frame your post in a way that makes it seem like it's not self-promo for example most subreddits are ok with "hey look what I built: posts since they seem more like someone sharing their achievement it's up to you to play around with the format, or you can include a shameless self-promo in a post that provides value to people.
      And yes it took me around a month to get to beta but to be fair my product isn't technically complex and I learned a lot of development shortcuts from indie hackers developer community so that helped me a lot.

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    Congrats! Make sure you do something to celebrate. Cheers!

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    I am not sure if this is what it's supposed to look like, but after I clicked "Generate Challenge" I got this screen on Chrome 86, Windows 10.


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      oh man that's definitely not how it's supposed to look, did the error persist after you refresh the page?

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        Yes, the bug persisted over refreshes, but now it seems fine. At that time it worked in FireFox but not in Chrome.

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    Oh wow this is super interesting! It would be super interesting to allow submissions somewhere (or maybe there already is a place)! I build a UI component library recently as was thinking of creating something similar but your version is definitely much more interesting with the "autogenerated" specs! Will be keeping an eye on the project for sure :)

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      It's definitely in my plan to include this feature in the final launch, Thank you so much for your feedback Krishan

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    Nice Work, I love the idea!

    A really small thing, you should update your meta description tag (public/index.html) as it's still the default create-react-app one 🙃

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      oh thank you very much for bringing that up I'll get to fixing it

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    Congrats on the launch! Checking it out now :)

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      Awesome man let me know what you think about it

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    Hey Nero, this is really great. An insight I had recently that might be helpful for you is that although challenges like these are a great tool for learning some practical skills, true step-functions of growth as a designer happen when you're forced to demo your work and have others critique it. I think that a matchmaking feature that enables this would make this app a total game-changer.

    Keep up the good work,

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      I really like this idea and definitely in my plan I'll work on including it in the official launch

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    Oh wow, the product looks really nice and original. I'm curious to see how it evolves over time.

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      I appreciate your support and I hope my product always lives up to your expectations

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    Nice job, also followed you on twitter to keep an eye on your future endeavours :)

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      Thanks alot man, just followed you back

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    Neat! Love how simple it is to use. How do you generate the challenges? GPT-3 or is it a pre-defined list?

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      For now it's predefined, I applied for GPT-3 access but still haven't heard back

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        Haha I feel you, I'm still waiting to hear back for Supernotes

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    Good job man! This is looking good 💪

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      Thanks man i appreciate the support

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    Congrats, dude! Love the UI, btw.