January 20, 2020

So it begins

Jared Wolff @jaredwolff

2019 was a tough year. I had been laid off in the year prior. I was clinging to the few work contracts I had to bring in money to pay for rent. My wife and I planned on going through a round of IVF which added to the stress. One thing I knew though, I had to take myself out of the equation of making money.

Running a consulting business is tough. Plus if you don't build value in some other way, you are the value.

So what's a guy to do?

I was ruminating this same question when attending Microconf this past year. I got some of the same advice I had heard before:

"Build an audience."
"Add value."

To some extent I had no idea how to go about that. People said "join a community". I didn't think myself of much a "community" guy. Nevertheless you figure things out as you go.

Earlier in the year Particle had launched their Mesh boards. (https://www.particle.io/mesh) These boards are able to connect with each other which opens the possibilities for interesting IoT deployments.

I had found their community forum and I started surveying who was there and what questions they were asking. I started answering the questions I could. In the process I started creating content and examples which I shared across Dev.to, FreeCodeCamp and my personal site. (https://www.jaredwolff.com)

Over the past 6 months and more I started posting as much content that I could. With one caveat though, it had to add value and help. Creating with no purpose may be cool but who are you helping? Likely no one but yourself.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Leaving a 5-figure salary to work on Embarque
    Until today, I was earning $13-14K per month since Feb 2020 from my full-time job and freelancing as a marketing strategist. Yesterday, I submitted my
  • Himalayas Update 2
    !Himalayas ## Faster, better designed search We sped up search
  • Friendly Becomes Main Sponsor of Mautic
    Friendly Automate is based on Mautic, the most popular open source software for marketing au
  • Released 3rd episode of my podcast
    I'd Interviewed Pete from No CS Degree last week for Steal My Marketing Podcast. Pete has grown his interview blog to a job board, bootcamp index, boo
  • Chrome Extensions (How to Build & Monetise)
    ![](https://ucarecdn.com/81ef33ca-1950-40fe-bcaf-ba09f1f81e9a/validations---previews.png) MetaScan is a Chrome Extension th
  • Update 9: 7 Subscribers per week or 1 per day
    Here's my update on Unrestricted, the biweekly newsletter for curious entrepreneurs. **What did we work on last w
  • Update 9: Building v3.0 of our Product
    Here's our weekly update at Enter Network. **1) What did we work on last week?** ✅ Contacted a few different potential participants for our mastermind
  • First Newsletter Cross-Promotion
    48 hours ago, I launched the MVP of https://pipewing.com/ Today, I'm really proud to announce that there was the first successful cross-promotion of n
  • First Project Entry
    Yesterday we launched No-Coded on Hacker News and got to the front page! Overall it resulted in 6,000 pageviews and almost 100 new signups. Here are t
  • Launch of Bubble Site
    Much improved functionality! Tutors can log in, edit their own pages, set their own prices and chat with potential customers. Took about 4-5 weeks of