Point of sales, Stock mangement & invoicing application.

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It started up when I was looking for a POS system for my father business, having not found something reliable I started to make plans to custom develop it. Now it is a high rated POS system in the marketplace.

September 3, 2019 Elite Author @codecanyon

Today, after 2+ years in codecanyon, we became an elite author. It's a successfully moment for us. Majority of our revenue comes from UltimatePOS.

Well, becoming elite author sounded something impossible 2 years back but with time & hard work, every impossible can be made possible.

August 20, 2019 Sold 1st License from our website Ultimatefosters

This week we released the Manufacturing Module for UltimatePOS, this is the first module which we started to sell from our website instead of using some marketplace. Sold the 1st license in day 1, many more yet to come.

Selling from own website required a lot of effort in terms of setting up the entire shop process, payment gateway, licensing, etc, also establishing customer trust. I'm still in the process of improving the entire system.

For now, started with PayPal as it is the most easiest way to get started, but looking for alternatives like 2checkout, skrill. Skrill looks good as it has low transaction charges. Gotta try them. :)

Here is the link: https://ultimatefosters.com/product/manufacturing-module-for-ultimatepos

Any feedback & Suggestions most welcome

August 1, 2019 Sold 1000 licenses 🎉 🎊

We successfully sold 1000 licenses of our product Ultimate POS in codecanyon.net marketplace.

Here are some of our learnings:

  1. Keep the product super easy in terms of installation, user interface, usage.

  2. Use simplest technology because few customers are actually developers, who customise the app to deliver to end users.

  3. Keep the document updated with every technical & usage details and easy language. This helps to reduce the support queries. Generally u will find lots of support question, so this helps to save a lot support of time.

  4. Keep the users updates with recently released features, upcoming features.

  5. Sad but a true point: keep the price low. We started with $29,revised our price 5 times to reach $54. Still it's low as compared to the features it provides.

Product link: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-pos-stock-management-point-of-sale-application/21216332

Any feedback, suggestions, questions highly appreciated!!

June 29, 2019 3rd Module: Essentials & HRM

Same here, few customers actually urgently needed an HRM module and they funded a small amount to actually fulfill there requirements. So this module born. We're yet to reach good sales for this.


November 18, 2018 2nd module to connect POS with WooCommerce

This came up from the ideas of the customer as well. They asked for a way to open an e-commerce shop, so we thought of a quicker solution to have a POS to WooCommerce bridge. WooCommerce was chosen because it is the most popular webshop script.


August 10, 2018 Released first optional addon - Superadmin module

We never thought of having such module initially but many customers asked us for a way to manage multiple businesses and sell the software on a subscription basis. And this lead to born of a new module "SaaS & Superadmin Module for UltimatePOS "


January 18, 2018 Launched the initial MVP on Codecanyon

After working for a few months on it as a side project we launched it on codecanyon. Initially, for a few days, there were 0 sales but we still pushed more updated and it got some tractions.

There was lots of glitched & genuine problem in the initial version but we worked to over come it.


It started up when I was looking for a POS system for my father business, having not found something reliable I started to make plans to custom develop it. Now it is a high rated POS system in the marketplace.