December 9, 2019

Announced HTML export. I'm panicking! 😬

Alexander Isora 🦄 @alexanderisora

I've just announced the most desired feature ever - HTML export. I understand why people want this: it is much cheaper to host an exported website somewhere else (e.g. AWS S3). This requires a huge amount of time to edit something, you do not get updates, but yes - it is definitely cheaper, especially if you need dozens of websites.

From one side I'm happy and excited to deliver a feature many people want. After all, this is the mission of Unicorn Platform - to provide high-end landing pages to startups. And HTML export helps to do it.
But on the other side - honestly - I'm a little scared everyone will cancel their subscriptions and switch to a self-hosted solution. This will be a strike to the project, hopefully not so huge since it is still an amateur and vulnerable to huge turbulence.

Anyway, my job is to provide an A-grade service. Now I will work even harder to ship more epic features and attract more paid clients in the future. I believe if I bring good service everything will be fine 🙃

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