November 6, 2019

First 30 paying customers and over $777 MMR in 1y

Alexander Isora 🦄 @alexanderisora

A ±year ago I've started coding my website builder.

A ±month ago the public beta appeared.

A second ago my 30 paying customer showed up.


It has been a complicated journey full of obstacles. But now finally I can do my living completely from my own project.

I want to go even further: grow enough revenue and hire a coder to help me improve the product at the speed of light. To get those 70 new clients, I'm launching my product guess where:

My goal for the next 48 hours will be to reach 100 paying customers.
Let's see if I fail or succeed (spoiler: I will be good!).

As a bonus, I'm video-streaming the Product Hunt launch event online:
You are welcome to join me and my pretty friend and get infected with my excitement, learn product making insights and win a gift in a fun contest.

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