June 3, 2020

Will I be sued for 📱💻🖥️?

Alexander Isora 🦄 @alexanderisora

Hey guys.

I'm excited to announce one of the most wanted updates ever: realistic devices mockups.
Now you can put your screenshots inside one of 13 desktop devices and 19 mobile phones (including colors)! iPhones 8, 11 Pro Max, XR, SE 2020, Google Pixel 4, iMac, MacBook, and many more.



Even though I have erased all logos and trademarked words, I'm still uncertain whether I'm allowed to use the pictures of the corporations' devices. I have seen hundreds of websites that use Apple's devices' pictures to present their interfaces. Some even kept the logos.

Personally I believe it will be fine: all the devices are flippin’ rectangles nowadays. Should I tweak a phone's border-radius from 3% to 5% to make it look less like a trademarked iPhone?
I doubt so. It will still look iPhonish. They all look iPhonish.

What do you think about it?


Some other sweet Unicorn Platform updates:

Lazy load:
We added native lazy load for all images and iframes by default. What is lazy loading and what does the word 'native' mean?

Lazy images loading means downloading the assets on-demand. We do not load all website pages' images when a user opens your website. Instead, we load images gradually as user scrolls the page. This trick reduces the amount of data transferred and therefore increases your website loading speed.

~A year ago the Chrome team announced the native lazy loading feature. Now images and embeds can be lazy-loaded without JS hacks and 'data-src' magic. You can learn more here: https://addyosmani.com/blog/lazy-loading

This feature works on 64% of web browsers. Safari already has this but under a flag, so in the future, the % will be even bigger.

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