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The quality gap between a custom agency-crafted landing page and a generated is too huge. I want to make a high-end design affordable for bootstrapped startups, for makers, indie hackers and literally any startup.

March 19, 2020 First employee! ~(Λ˜β–ΎΛ˜~)

Finally, I'm not alone! The most exciting milestone ever!

I'm so happy to introduce Asad. This young man will help me with customer support from now. I would never accent a random guy for this position because customer support is a huge part of my product.
But Asad is not a random guy. He has an outstanding experience in Craftwork - the best design crew in the world. Asad also has a unique set of skills that will help him in providing top-notch support: frontend development experience, patience, curiosity and a natural desire to help others.

I feel a huge potential in Asad. This makes me believe he will cover more and more parts of Unicorn Platform in the future including marketing and product development.

I've taken a short interview with Asad and posted it on my product's thread on Broadwise.org: https://broadwise.org/t/unicorn-platform-landing-page-builder-for-startups/126/6


Also, there is something new and cool added to Unicorn Platform product: custom colors and fonts!
I've been asked for these features for so many times and it is finally here.

I've already seen people using this. The results are fantastic!
I will get the best websites' owners permission to showcase their works and how you the best of them later.

Thanks for your attention! Have a great day!

February 28, 2020 Features can wait! Added BG images 6 months later.

Another evidence that proves the thesis "features can wait".
If you still believe particular features are crucial for a launch success, let me prove you wrong.

Here is an example from my own experience: a landing page builder which doesn't have background images.
Sounds terrific, does not it? But it is so. Unicorn Platform did not have background image support until today.

However, there was a ~dozen of users who wanted background images badly. I offered them manual support by providing a tiny piece of custom code.

Was that dozen of folks satisfied? Yes, absolutely.

Was it the right idea to set such an important feature aside and launch? Well, at the end of the day - yes. But the lesson learned here is what all the things from the list "super-important-but-not-today" should be shipped eventually.

So when you plan your development roadmap allocate some resources for that list. I failed at planning and therefore shipped background images a couple of months later than it was possible.


February 5, 2020 It took 2 months, but I did it. Stripe is here.

I began connecting Stripe into my landing page builder in December 2019. And it took 2 months to finish the work.

Looking back to the update I can tell the work could be finished in under 20 working hours. Yes, that little.

But why it took 2 whole months then?

The first big reason is my inaccuracy.
Stripe offers 2 types of Checkout use:

  1. complex one
  2. simple one (client-only)
    I missed the client-only Stripe integration option and started to build a more complex solution (which required products list management, session creation, private API key storing, currency managing, etc).
    And I almost finished building the integration in this complex way. But suddenly I stumbled the client-only solution (https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout/client) which is obviously much simpler to implement.

Lesson learned: when you begin working on a new 3rd party integration start with diligent docs research. Be extra careful. This may save you dozens of hours.

The second spoke in my wheel was my brain. I got burned out (again! 😭).
I kept refusing this frustrating though and continued to work. Day by day.
Instead of taking a few days of a digital detox or having a short traveling experience, stubborn me continued working.
This pushed me into an even more exhausting state.

Lessons learned:

  1. When you feel exhausted, it's time to get some rest. Some quality deep rest. To monitor your mind and body feeling, practice meditation.
  2. A good rest is an act of investment in your productivity.

The biggest anxiety was I could not work on other features until I finished the Stripe integration. I could not drop the thing I'm working on.

Now I feel like the released house-elf from the Harry Potter movie. "Dobby is free!". Yay!
I can finally pay attention to the endless suggestion my dear users gave me and the bugs they reported.

Anyway, the Stripe Checkout integration is ready now. It can be used to accept online payments (both recurring and one-time purchase) right from a Unicorn Platform landing page. Sweet!

I'm curious how do you keep your work-life balance? How do you avoid burning out? Please share your experience. I think I really need to learn about keeping a healthy mind πŸ™‚

Update announces:

On Broadwise.org: https://broadwise.org/t/unicorn-platform-landing-page-builder-for-startups/126/3

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/unicornplatform/status/1225018581437632512

December 9, 2019 Announced HTML export. I'm panicking! 😬

I've just announced the most desired feature ever - HTML export. I understand why people want this: it is much cheaper to host an exported website somewhere else (e.g. AWS S3). This requires a huge amount of time to edit something, you do not get updates, but yes - it is definitely cheaper, especially if you need dozens of websites.

From one side I'm happy and excited to deliver a feature many people want. After all, this is the mission of Unicorn Platform - to provide high-end landing pages to startups. And HTML export helps to do it.
But on the other side - honestly - I'm a little scared everyone will cancel their subscriptions and switch to a self-hosted solution. This will be a strike to the project, hopefully not so huge since it is still an amateur and vulnerable to huge turbulence.

Anyway, my job is to provide an A-grade service. Now I will work even harder to ship more epic features and attract more paid clients in the future. I believe if I bring good service everything will be fine πŸ™ƒ


November 6, 2019 First 30 paying customers and over $777 MMR in 1y

A Β±year ago I've started coding my website builder.

A Β±month ago the public beta appeared.

A second ago my 30 paying customer showed up.


It has been a complicated journey full of obstacles. But now finally I can do my living completely from my own project.

I want to go even further: grow enough revenue and hire a coder to help me improve the product at the speed of light. To get those 70 new clients, I'm launching my product guess where:


My goal for the next 48 hours will be to reach 100 paying customers.
Let's see if I fail or succeed (spoiler: I will be good!).

As a bonus, I'm video-streaming the Product Hunt launch event online: https://youtu.be/Il9poWf21rM
You are welcome to join me and my pretty friend and get infected with my excitement, learn product making insights and win a gift in a fun contest.

October 28, 2019 First scammy porn website signed up!

Each popular website builder faces this problem sooner or later. Now it's Unicorn Platform's turn 😳

A guy from Philipinnes has created a scammy porn website with my product.

I suppose the slogan "Everyone can get a beautiful landing page" must be completed with an addition 😁

September 28, 2018 PH!

Unicorn Platform has been launched on Product Hunt! And it is the product of a day! #1!

This exciting event gave me a lot of new information to analyze. The Product Hunt community is so sweet.

Big thanks to Chris Messina for hunting my landing page generator.


September 26, 2018 Unicorn Platform v1.1 released

Version 1.1 has been released. Dozens of new components and templates are waiting for the users.

August 24, 2018 First Sale!

The presale phase has been launched. A few days later the first guy has bought a license key.

The quality gap between a custom agency-crafted landing page and a generated is too huge. I want to make a high-end design affordable for bootstrapped startups, for makers, indie hackers and literally any startup.