December 30, 2019

I made $10k this way. Then built a robot to do it.

Ross Woodhurst @rossco

I am a self taught coder and admittedly not a very good one so when I sat down one cold December morning to sketch out the MVP i wanted to build I was accompanied by a very acute feeling of imposter syndrome.

Staring down at the wiggly lines representing API connections and cron jobs and badly drawn cylinders that were meant to be relational databases I started to sweat....allot.

"Shall we goto the Pub?" the imposter syndrome asked.
"No" I said. "We're going to the gym and...I am going to listen to some Indie Hackers podcasts!".

That shut him up.

An hour later I was back from the gym sitting alone in front of my laptop ready to code.

Instead of going through the many challenges I faced with third party api's and relational database queries I'm going to share with you a simple 4 step strategy I think any Indie Hacker can use to create almost anything they can think of.

I call it the Imposter / Genius cycle (NB: I'm not saying I'm a genius obviously, it's just a fleeting feeling I get when I achieve something that was previously beyond my meagre abilities).

Here it is:

Step 1: Try to code an idea and get monumentally stuck - feel like a total imposter.

Step 2: Post on Stack Overflow and feel like the king of the imposters when @phppro's "3 yo could have answered that question"

Step 3: Spend time actually reading documentation and trying to understand the problem. Put the new found knowledge to use and code a working solution.

Step 4: Feel like a Genius.

Repeat the Imposter / Genius cycle until the app is finished.

(NB: I realise I could probably skip steps 1 and 2 but I've tried and my brain wont let me).

By using the Imposter / Genius cycle I had a working MVP of by Christmas Day.

There were tough times. Times when I learned a-lot about coding but more importantly there were times I learned about myself. Specifically that I'm the kind of person that finishes the things I start. That was probably the most valuable lesson I learned in 2019.

On 30th December 2019 I launched on Product Hunt and

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