December 30, 2019

Robots and self doubt.

Ross Woodhurst @rossco

Last year I earned $10k from profitable side-hustle. I build niche sites (usually on Wordpress) from scratch, get them earning money with quality content and SEO then flip them for 30 x monthly revenue multiples.

I work in IT but by job isn't in any way related to coding so I code and build websites in my spare time. It's a great little side hustle but has one glaring problem that. Google's sandbox.

It can take google 8-12 months to start ranking a new site, that means sitting on an asset for way longer than I'd like. This makes scaling to any meaningful profit almost impossible.

The only way I have found to bypass Googles sandbox is to build sites on expired domains that have already been through the sandbox and hopefully already have existing backlinks to boost SEO.

It's not full proof but by using this approach I've had sites earning money in a couple of months instead of a year.

Finding good expired domains is easier said than done however.

People know good expired domains are valuable so they are expensive, if you look at traditional players like DomCop you're talking $300 - $500 for a good expired domain that hasn't been used as a PBN or spam. That soon eats into your profits.

You can of course do the research manually but after a good two days grind you're lucky if you find one or two good domains - sometimes you wont find any.

Finding expired domains is a numbers game and manual research just takes too long for it to be profitable.

One day I was lying in bed mulling this over and an @naval tweet popped into my head:

@naval "An army of robots is freely available - it's just packed in data centers for heat and space efficiency. Use it."

If only there were a robot who could do this kind of monotonous research for me while I sleep then email me when it finds a good expired domain. Wait!...

Thats how I came to the idea for A program that polls a database of over 4 million authority sites for expired links.

When it finds a recently expired link it checks against a few sources for Domain Rank, existing backlinks , organic traffic etc, if the expired domain hits the thresholds i'm looking for the program pings the details over by email.

A pretty good idea. I felt excited. I'm a self taught coder surely I could pull this off. Right?

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