September 21, 2020

Update 9: 7 Subscribers per week or 1 per day

Jochem Gerritsen @jochemg

Here's my update on Unrestricted, the biweekly newsletter for curious entrepreneurs.

What did we work on last week?
✅ I've started writing the new issue of the newsletter — this time on a very personal experience (the story of a failed startup). I'm very curious to see if this is more — or less interesting for my readers.

❌ I saw barely any difference in open rate compared to the previous issue, even though I made changes in the subject line. It may be that I have too few subscribers to properly see the difference.

❌ Again got 7 new subscribers (grew to 207 from 200 last week). This is the same as last week. In a year, I'll grow by 364 subscribers which is good, but I'd like to grow faster.

2) What am I working on this week, and what are my goals?

The goal is to write a great new newsletter, and share a LinkedIn post that will get at least 3k views.