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We hope our curated collection of content will allow as many startups, entrepreneurs and growing companies to learn from our collective knowledge. Clearing the way for you to do unscalable acts.

September 28, 2020 Sales Intelligence Tools

Sales intelligence tools helps companies use data to increase sales and improve sales processes. Companies use sales intelligence tools to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads by using data to find new opportunities and provide salespeople with the information they need to take advantage of them. These types of tools are used by marketing and sales executives to define and implement sales strategies based on their data combined with external data in their CRM software such as lists of prospects, databases of contacts, etc.

Sales Intelligence Tools must:

Sales intelligence tools allows salespeople to conduct pointed searches for companies with a specific set of real-time data-points, including both firmographics, technographics, and buying signals. In other words, this type of technology helps salespeople find companies that match their ideal customer profile in one easy search.

Sales intelligence tools works around the clock to collect and make sense of company information from millions of data sources. There are two parts to the sales intelligence market: 1) company data, and 2) contact data. However, sales intelligence tools includes more than just vendors providing phone numbers and emails. Sales intelligence is about the contextual information surrounding these contacts, such as funding updates, purchase history, current contracts, and digital footprints.

Sales intelligence helps salespeople know precisely who they should be talking with, what they should be talking about, and when they should reach out to them, and put all the relevant information in front of them when they’re having that conversation. As a result, injecting data from a sales intelligence tool into your CRM can truly transform your sales process. A combination of company insights and a clean and tidy CRM has the potential to create a well-oiled sales machine that delivers relevance at a scale.

September 26, 2020 Soft Launch Unscalable Acts

We just soft launched Unscalable Acts (https://unscalableacts.com), a startup resource directory. It’s got 6500+ free resources (articles, books, courses, free datasets, podcasts, tools) as well as 90M paid premium records in our datasets that make the perfect sales leads. (Recently Funded Companies (Startups & GSA), S-1 & 10-K reporting, a huge directory of 25M records of press, investors, and companies with emails broken down by industry and state.) No matter your stage or industry, Unscalable Acts will have leads that will be of value to you.

This is our soft launch can you do me a favor, and take a look around. We offer a 3 Day Free Trial and I’ve attached a 90% off coupon at checkout [code = iH092090 ]. Let me know if this provides you any value... or forward this to someone you think it would provide value.

We also have a referral program that pays out 30% lifetime residuals. You can sign up here... https://unscalable-acts.getrewardful.com/signup before you forward this message.

Thank you for you time,

Matthew Eierman
CEO & Founder
@unscalableacts on twitter
443-406-8118 (Business Line)

September 26, 2020 We have been Busy!

At Unscalable Acts, we have been busy.  Here is a small list of the things we have added: ‍

We upgraded our Membership site to Memberspace, and has made our operations much easier from our home grown/build membership solution, that we had previously deployed.
If you would like to sign up for Unscalable Acts Premium Lead Generation: https://unscalableacts.memberspace.com/member/sign_in‍

Since we first added our premium lead generation concept, we have added over 90M records. From GSA, Startup Fundings, S-1 and 10-K Filings, Directories of Venture Capital, Angel, Press, Corporate and Company Contacts broken down by industry and state. Updating Data Sources Weekly, and always on the look out for new dataset.

Our Referral Program that pays out 30% commission90 Day Cookie, Net 45 Payout, Lifetime residuals as long as that customer is a customer. You can signup here: https://unscalable-acts.getrewardful.com/signup

We connected Our Analytics and Stripe Accounts to our Indie Hacker Account, we love transparency, and are proud to be an open startup, We want to show everyone how we are growing. You can see our Revenue and Analytics Metrics here: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/unscalable-acts‍

Based on Feedback from our early adopter program, we have added a Custom Lead Generation Program. Where we source the leads that meet your criteria. Signup here for more information: https://www.unscalableacts.com/resources/need-qualified-sales-leads‍

Also a suggestion from our early adopter program, we have added a Product Hunter form. Some people would like us to Submit their products to Product Hunt on their behalf: Signup here for more info: https://www.unscalableacts.com/submit-content/please-hunt-my-product‍

We have always been a fan of transparency at Unscalable Acts, so we have created a contact form for you to leave your opinion about this product. We want feedback from all angles and sides (Love Us, Hate Us, Indifferent to Us, Largest Advocates for Us). Leave your feedback here: https://www.unscalableacts.com/submit-content/give-us-your-opinion

September 14, 2020 Market Positioning

In order to find a unique position in the market you must look at the competitive landscape. When I looked at the lead generation space I realized that companies fell into three categories:

Platforms: Data.com, Hoovers and DiscoverOrg are all examples of companies that charge annually for a set amount of lead exports from their platform. These databases are sold to thousands of companies which means everyone is emailing the same person. This results in worse response rates for their customer. And the average cost is about $30,000 per year (billed upfront). Ouch. Bad data for a high price.

Service-as-a-service: LeadGenius is an example of a company that charges annually for a team that prospects for you. Great concept, but their business model is built to work for them, not the customer. The cost is about $24,000 upfront ($2,000 per month billed annually). Not so great for a startup on a tight budget with changing business needs.

Freelancers: oDesk and Elance are examples of platforms where you can hire your own virtual assistant team to prospect. Customers have to train their team and the billing is variable so your cost per lead ranges from $.50 to $5. Cheap entry point, but time intensive and unpredictable.

I knew that there was an opportunity to create a turn-key service with a pricing model that customers could love between Freelancers and Service as a Service.

September 11, 2020 Unscalable Acts Philosophy & Values

Our philosophy for achieving how we can grow value with Unscalable Acts can be reduced to few simple rules:

Do fewer things.
Do them better.
Know why you’re doing them.
Trust But Verify.
The Rule of Fuck Yes or No.

All of the important content on this site circles back to these same five themes.
We curate the information in different ways to attempt to achieve this outcome for customers.

The tricky part in cultivating value for ourselves and our customers, of course, is figuring out what things matter and to whom. This will differ between different people and companies. We strive to divide our focused attention among four categories:

community (family, friends, customers, clients, vendors, etc...),
craft (work and quality leisure),
composition (the action of putting things together; formation or construction),
contemplation (masters of our domain).

In each of these areas we keep striving to identify the big swings... The actions or commitments that will make the most difference... While clearing out the debris that gets in the way... They all interact: composition enables better craft, while contemplation, as it so often does, provides a template for basically everything that’s important. Sometimes we are more successful in these efforts than others.

September 9, 2020 Prepping For Launch

Checking off Lists, and making sure the product works correctly.
I hope to have a soft launch to our external partners by the end of the month. I have a small group of startups and entrepreneurs providing feedback along the way of development. I'm a fan of the exceptional viable product at launch. As most customers will never come back for incremental improvements, if we did not win them over on their first visit. From our small group, we will quietly launch our product, then will reach out to a larger select group before the announcing to the general public.

July 20, 2020 Pricing & Discounts

I will always lock in my current members pricing, but as we get more data, popularity, and klout the cost of paid price will go up. I will always have lots of free content currently 6500 pieces of free content. But the paid content price will rise and the discounts will be backed off. Slowly but backed off until we find the right level for our pricing. Our paid plan cost $1500.00 USD per month currently. That price is hella cheap if I was a data broker it would be 10x that. But trying to help entrepreneurs and startups grow and still avoid the spammers by the pricing. I also price in discounts and gameify the discount/buying process.

July 15, 2020 Stacks

I've made a few changes along the way but basically here are my stacks.

Tech Stack
Webflow, Godaddy, Stripe, Gsuite (Gdrive,Gmail,Voice, Analytics), Airtable, Memberspace, Zapier

Marketing Stack
Gmail, EmailOcto, Woodpecker, Wheel of Popups, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, Linkedin,

July 1, 2020 Working on Front End

Now that I have organized and aggregated some data... I had to find a way to share this. I decided to go with a No-Code Tool called Webflow. I have used Wordpress in the past. I've heard good things about Webflow, so I gave it a shot. There were multiple iterations of a front end.

May 3, 2020 Hello World

I've started this side project when I was running out of space on my dropbox account. In the process of organizing, I realized I had a lot of valuable data, and resources at my disposal. I worked on the organization and aggregation of data over the next few months.


We hope our curated collection of content will allow as many startups, entrepreneurs and growing companies to learn from our collective knowledge. Clearing the way for you to do unscalable acts.