January 4, 2020

Phase 1 implementation is finished in 22 days.

Oben Isik @isikoben

Hi there, it's me, Oben Isik, from beautiful Madrid, Spain.

I started Up Ninja as a side-project because one of my requirement in my another side project was exactly what Up Ninja provides.

I designed Up Ninja as a SaaS project so the infrastructure is well designed to have the potential of being beyond a side project. This is why our service is reliable, simple and affordable.

In today's world, most businesses rely on complex and pricey solutions that should provide very simple outcome: Monitor my services, notify me (in real time) when something goes wrong and be able to have a transparent endpoint (status page) to my customers about the situation.

So within the light of this idea, I came up with Up Ninja. I am very open to communicate with any of you because all your opinions are very important to make Up Ninja a better software.

Please feel free to write me whenever you want to. Me and my team mates will be appreciated to your feedbacks.

Thank you, Oben.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Reached 17,000+ active users per week
    We have reached 17,000+ active users. Still, most of the installations come from Google search, Google Chrome store and our site https://parsers.me/.
  • Shutting down. 👋
    I've been working on my side project buildfaster.co for the past few months. But it's time to drop it. (temporarily 🙄) My original goal with it was t
  • Fired our first customer (nicely)!
    Context: At Logology we design logos. Started as a high-end logo generator, we’ve found a way to also shake the custom logo design market. We think we
  • Software Ideas September Metrics ($5.5k MRR)
    Every month, I want to post and recap some of my KPIs for Software Ideas. MRR September 1st: $3,706 MRR October 1st: $5,544 MRR User churn September 1
  • Crossed $100 MRR
    It looks like a small milestone but it's a huge achievement for me. I manage to x3 the MRR in almost 10 days after I removed the free tier. Obviously,
  • Launched on Product Hunt!
    Hey friends! The day has come that Swipe has launched on Product Hunt! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/swipe-c3ed98db-a38c-456b-ada2-e01708b74583 Th
  • Landing page
    Redesigned the landing page: 👉Link: https://eager.app Before: - Used Wordpress - A lot of broken links After: - Moved over to a static website (power
  • zubbit.io hits $590 in new recurring sales 🚀
    It's our end of the month post 💥 Since we re-launched and switched over to Stripe we have now reached $590 in new recurring sales during the month of
  • We've reached $100 MRR
    Over 18 months ago, I launched ReplyBox, and we've finally reached $100 MRR. It's been a long journey, so it's time for a breakdown as to what held us
  • Launched
    After coding an early draft 6 months prior, we cleaned up the code and launched the extension on the Google Web Store. Within 3 months, we had 300,000