January 4, 2020

Phase 1 implementation is finished in 22 days.

Oben Isik @isikoben

Hi there, it's me, Oben Isik, from beautiful Madrid, Spain.

I started Up Ninja as a side-project because one of my requirement in my another side project was exactly what Up Ninja provides.

I designed Up Ninja as a SaaS project so the infrastructure is well designed to have the potential of being beyond a side project. This is why our service is reliable, simple and affordable.

In today's world, most businesses rely on complex and pricey solutions that should provide very simple outcome: Monitor my services, notify me (in real time) when something goes wrong and be able to have a transparent endpoint (status page) to my customers about the situation.

So within the light of this idea, I came up with Up Ninja. I am very open to communicate with any of you because all your opinions are very important to make Up Ninja a better software.

Please feel free to write me whenever you want to. Me and my team mates will be appreciated to your feedbacks.

Thank you, Oben.

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