October 11, 2019


Ryan Badger @ryanbadger

On August 5th we surpassed 100,000,000 file downloads.

Monthly page views are averaging 15 million.

10 million unique users per month are using the site.

Google Adsense revenue is $25,000/month.

Subscription revenue is $5,000/month.

Running costs are around $2,000/month.

Team size: 1.

Monthly profit: $28,000/month.

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    What kind of content do users store?

    1. 1

      Everything! There doesn't seem to be any particular type of file that is most common.

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        hi ryan,
        how do you prevent piracy?

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          Well there's no problem with users backing up their data, even if that data is copyrighted, it's only an issue if/when they start sharing. We have automated jobs that check for DMCA requests and automatically remove files that are violating our terms.