November 25, 2019

Threw shit at a wall, some stuck, first customer


Over the past two months, I have been dabbling in cold email and cold calling to get this business off the ground. It turns out that after over 500 emails sent, that it was not working at all.

Somehow I got a sale (Free trial sign up) either through answering questions on Quora or by posting my site in internet marketing groups. I cannot be sure which.

I have never put so much effort into (potentially) generating $25 MRR in my life. I was so close to giving up on this project. Yet again falling flat close to the finish line.

Listening to some IH episodes had me convinced that I should be going out and talking to customers myself and getting those first ten sales the hard way. So I didn't even use my existing SEO skills to get some traction going. I set this as a personal challenge and proof of concept.

I didn't even break out Ahrefs until a few days ago. Which would have helped as I would have seen that my main competitor has done so much work already for me in terms of product market fit.

Cannot help but wonder if the results from my email experiment would have been different if I just had a better niche.

If I had not got that (potential) sale today, I would be already on the edge of quitting this project.

To make matters worse, I missed a live chat on my Drift widget today. A customer was requesting a special agency package worth somewhere in the region of $300-400 MMR.

All in all. Selling this app is way harder and way less fun than building it. The whole time I thought learning2code and building a Rails App would be the hard part.

Boy was I wrong.

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