Hit $5,000 MRR

We got to $5K In monthly recurring revenue. It’s slow going but it’s going! That long slow SaaS ramp of death.

The biggest form of growth has come from organic linking by bloggers and the links on the bottom of Upscribe forms. The next goal is $8K (for some personal reasons 😁).

It’s been a blast! Still learning tons.

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    What tech stack did you use?

    and what did you use for the form designer, template or wrote it yourself?

    1. 1

      Initially it was WordPress with a bunch of plugins (WooCommerce, AffiliateWP, etc.) not it's built in Laravel.

      But the form functionality has always been custom javascript (using Vue.js now). The actual design elements were taken from a bootstrap theme though if that's what you meant.

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    Awesome! Big fan of Upscribe and use it for all my Medium posts.

    1. 1

      Thanks so much for using it!! Please let me know if there are any features you’d like me to add 🙂👍

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    May I ask, do you only focus on medium as your target demographic?
    And why medium and not other sites as well?

    1. 1

      Upscribe works on WordPress, SquareSpace, Carrd.co etc. But there are tons of solutions that work for those platforms whereas Upscribe is one of the only ways you can embed forms on Medium. So the demand is way higher there. We’re just doubling down on what works the most right now.

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    Congrats @joshuaanderton! Now you just have 75% more to go to reach that $20K! 😁. Best of luck and looking forward to your next milestone!

    1. 3

      Thanks Nash. Yup lol forecasting looks like it will be another year or 2 to get there at this rate. It's slow-going but it's going! I've tried kickstarting growth a few times but it always settles back to this rate. #sustainablegrowth right? lol

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    Congrats, while I never used Upscribe, that was the name that always came up for Medium subscriptions. Onwards 🚀

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      Thanks Ravi! Good to know! :)

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    Hey congrats in this!!!!

    1. 1

      Thank you! Really appreciate the comment @Butvidas :)

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    Congrats @joshuaanderton What an achievement man! I bet it's only going to grow. I also listened to your podcast and it was great! I actually like the fact you can hear traffic and you being interrupted by a phone call. It feels very authentic in some odd ways! Keep at it! Love to hear your journey with Upscribe as well.

    1. 1

      Thanks Anthony! I really appreciate that.

      Thanks so much for listening! Lol yes it's pretty raw right now, but I feel good about just starting where I'm at (otherwise I probably never would've pulled the trigger!).

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    Congrats! It's a very useful tool. Looking forward to even more growth!

    1. 1

      Thanks so much! Have a great day!

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    Always great to see Upscribe doing so well. Congrats Joshua

    1. 1

      Thanks Kaushik! Really appreciate that.

  10. 1


    By the way, I noticed a dead link to https://upscri.be/embedding
    I found it on your pricing page.

    1. 1

      Thanks! Fixing that now :)

  11. 1

    Congrats! Well done.

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