September 8, 2019

Pivoting on monetization

Greg Zen @HelloIAmZen

In an effort to ensure that any founder, regardless of financial ability, can access UpStar, I am strongly considering a free ad-sponsored tier.
My thinking is that it probably won't be hard to sell ads to the over 5000 companies making products aimed at startups.
And since I'm aiming for a truly global market including people just getting their hands on their first 3g devices, it needs to have a free tier that is legitimately useful.
Bells and whistles can be in the paid tiers, much like

Meanwhile I lost all the major overhaul work I just did on my carrd landing page.
I somehow didn't notice I was working on and saved an older iteration so I have only myself to blame but it was a wakeup call for sure.
Designing on the fly using templates can really bite you in the ass if you need to try and duplicate it.
Which I still need to recover from starting tomorrow but kudos to @ajlkn for taking the sting out a little with a compassionate offer.
Fortunately I do have some heat map recordings of the updated site in Hotjar to visually reference so I can probably get a pretty close duplication in a day or two.

I'm am considering taking on an sweat-equity partner to help me with the content load and user engagement maybe more depending on what this person can bring to the table. I'm not stingy at all.

You can find it more about me at

Anyone interested feel free to drop me a line.

Still sorting out our tools/solutions/tech stacks.
Going to be a busy week for sure!

Hack on fellow IH'ers!

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