June 3, 2020

Back on track

Marty @MartyW

In the last days I finally have spent some time again on usb-hubs.org

I have noticed that my conversion on Amazon is over 5%, but I have very few visitors on the website. So in order to get more revenue I need to attract more visitors. I did brainstorm and note down any idea that could potentially help me:

  • Write knowledge articles
  • Write best-of articles
  • Share my website/its articles more on social media
  • Improve the design and add new features to the website to provide more value to users.

I noticed that even with such a small website the danger of analysis paralysis is real! Should I rather implement feature X or implement Y? As a developer-at-heart it is more fun to implement features, but at this moment it is more important to get a broader audience.

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