September 7, 2019

Finished MVP

Zayne @zayne

It took 1 week to finish the MVP for, an idea I originally had and tried building an MVP for over a year ago. The original seed for UseHoney was simply trying to build something to solve my own problem - namely, I felt like I kept catching myself "re-inventing the wheel" on all my different web projects. Every website would inevitably need a feedback form, a contact form, an email opt-in box, a privacy/terms of service banner, etc. I kept catching myself either rebuilding these same things from scratch over and over with each new web project or digging into previous projects to copy the code from my old project into my new project. So about a year ago I decided I would try to build a flexible widget builder that would help me templatize this. However, trying to tackle all these different components at once quickly resulted in a unmaintainable proof of concept (you can actually see a short video demo of my original proof of concept from about 11 months ago here: As a result, I shelved the project and focused on other things. Now almost a year later, over this past labor day weekend I decided it was time to revisit this idea and build a new MVP from scratch. This time around however, I'm focused on taking a tortoise vs. hair, quality over quantity approach. Instead of trying to build a dozen different widgets all at once, I'm focusing on 1 feature at a time. UseHoney currently provides 1 very slick tool - a feedback card that you can fully customize and embed directly into your site. My goal going forward is to focus on making every aspect of this feedback form - the design, flexibility, customizability, integrating it, etc - the highest quality possible.

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