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I would like to learn UI/UX area and share my learnings with other people

March 17, 2021 Got 1500 subscribers in few days

So, I've just started my newsletter and was thinking about how to get more subscribers. Otherwise, who I should send emails to? 🤔

My discovery was that it's totally okay to launch newsletters on Product Hunt. At first, I thought that it's not possible, since it's not a real product, barely a sign-up form.

But it's not true, PH loves newsletters.

Then almost on the same day, I decided to launch it. Was trying to make some nice examples of UI tips, but I couldn't fix some bugs. Then I stopped worrying and just let it be.

Almost immediately it got featured.

I posted in on Sunday so that I don't have big competition in exchange for lower traffic. However, the conversion rate was crazy: I got maybe 1.5k visits and ~1k subs.

Another bunch of subs came from Twitter since I made some traction over there.

So, now I have some ground and ready to communicate with my audience. I'll keep trying to reach out to more people, for sure!

March 11, 2021 Started my newsletter

After selling my other product, Pingr, I decided to dive into UI/UX area.

Apart from constantly learning new user interface ideas I decided to share them with other people.

It's my first experience with running a newsletter, hopefully will be able to consistently send some good stuff there.

Kind of new life for me :)


I would like to learn UI/UX area and share my learnings with other people