August 1, 2020

Auto-updating added in v3.2.0! ๐Ÿ˜

Cristian @XCS

This is one of the updates I am most excited about. Ever.

userTrack finally has an auto-updater, meaning that you can always update to the latest userTrack version in just one click, without having to manually replace files or keep track of changes.

This update is important as it allows for much faster iterations, hugely improves security as users will be more likely to have an updated version and it also vastly improves the update time and overall experience.

You can check out a small demo of the updater system here:

I put a lot of focus on security, as downloading files from a remote server could be dangerous. I host the ZIP file containing the update on one server and the file integrity hash on GitHub. This means that if someone somehow gets access to the distribution server, users will still not install the fake new file.

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