December 5, 2019

StrongL*fts 5x5 Test Scenarios Completed

Hirvesh Munogee @Hirvesh

With my last update, the goal was to complete the test scenarios for the first bodybuilding program I wanted to tackle: StrongL*fts 5x5 ( which is a popular bodybuilding program with a dedicated app of it's own.

It's with great pleasure that I can say that the core engine of the V-Tapered app now fully supports StrongL*fts 5x5 program.

Now the goal is to write other bodybuilding programs in the V-Tapered format known as Portable Program Notation (PTN) - a JSON based bodybuilding program file format.

With this initial implementation, I expect many other programs to be easily written in PTN.

Then the process of finding gaps in the core application logic needs to be gone through and implementation of missing functionality needs to be completed.

My next post will have a more comprehensive list of bodybuilding programs which V-Tapered will support with this initial iteration of the engine.

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