October 15, 2019

Launched vagon on Indie Hackers!

Serdar Demireren @serdard

hello IHers,

In the last couple of months, I was here as an active reader. I am always inspired by the successful products that you've shipped and learned lots of things from the community.

Last month we're started to work for a project called 'vagon' which will provide high-performance cloud computers for the creative class such as designers, entrepreneurs, designers, video producers, engineers, digital nomad, etc.. Our mission is to provide more mobility and flexibility for computer owners while decreasing hardware costs.

Though, vagon is not an indie project but can be a good and scalable tool for indie hackers while bootstrapping a project. :)

We're still at the development phase and reaching out to our early-stage users.

This week we're planning to launch our PH upcoming product page to announce our product to the community. Any growth and PH launch suggestions will be appreciated. :)

We'd happy to see you IHers at vagon, you can check it out from https://vagon.io

Waiting for your feedback!

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