November 21, 2019

Found Another Data Source

Patric Hua @patrichua

I wasn't happy with Intrinio because of the data cap. It took too long to get the data I wanted and at this point after I proved to myself that the app will be useful to me, I wanted a more reliable data source. I searched around and found They didn't have a web api at this point so I had to manually download the csv data file and use the Python Pandas library to read in the data. The csv file was huge as you could imagine because it had all the financial data of all the publicly traded companies. I had to rewrite all my scripts (which was fun for me because I'm learning Python at this point and this was giving me extra practice). This cost me around $20/mo with an annual subscription contract. The owner of the company was very responsive to all my emails, so I really liked that. I settled on using this as my data source for a while. After I converted all my scripts, I was happy with the minimal viable product that I built. It was meant to be used mainly by me at this point so I didn't care that it looked ugly.

Today's Top Milestones
  • First 3 paying customers! Using Google Ads 🕵️‍♂️
    We've been working away at The SaaSy People to secure our first customers and today we've hit a new milestone - 3 paying customers outsourcing their b
  • Launched new design on webpage
    After getting constructive feedback om my webpage for TraderRookie and the extension I have now launched some visual upgrades to my webpage. The new d