November 21, 2019

I Think I'll Build An App For That

Patric Hua @patrichua

I finished reading Rule 1 Investing and thought "hey, I can build an app that will make investing easier for everyone!" The book was a fantastic read. I never thought I could finish a book so fast in my life. I couldn't put it down because it was so addicting. The knowledge that I was getting from reading the book was just priceless. I finally saw a way out of having a job. I wanted to become an intelligent investor. I knew how to be an intelligent investor after reading the book. The entire recipe, or rules of investing, is provided on a silver platter. I just need to follow the advice given in the book and I'll be able to retire soon.

Learning how to value companies and buying stocks at the right price was something that seemed magical or guess work to me before. Now I know how to do it but the process is tedious and long. It was just number crunching. I wanted a quicker way to do that math so I decided to build an app that automatically do all the math for me. The app will calculate the fair value of a company and advise what is a good price to buy a stock. I also wanted to share this with everyone so I decided to build this as a web app.

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