0 to 1M ARR in 12 Months 🎉

12 months ago we turned on our paywall and made our first ever SaaS $1!

For any entrepreneur, this is a moment that they will never forget. Tim and I could not control our excitement!

Exactly 12 months after our first payment, we have managed to cross the seemingly impossible task of hitting $83,333 MRR / $1M ARR!


The Indindie Hackers (and local Indie London / Indie Beers) communities have been a massive help to us over the last few years in so many ways, we would not be here without it!

As a small thank you, we have opened up our calendar next week. If you need any feedback, want to bounce around ideas, talk growth or just want to have a chat, you can book a call with me @sabba here

Sabba & Tim

Finally, we have written a blog post on everything we learnt growing VEED from $0 to $1M ARR in 12 months with revenue numbers, traffic, product and growth strategies

I will be in the comments all day if you have any questions!

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    Great read, can you share what is the profit from the MRR?
    AS such Saas Takes allot of server power .... and storage

    1. 1

      Yeah, also it's a video editing app. So I guess it'll be lots of server power and storage backing that. Numbers $$ are just going upwards in my mind.

  2. 2

    That's awesome @sabba well played!

    I booked a call from your link to get to know you and ask some advice on customer development. Really appreciate the office hours, keep it up! Even if I don't have any successful product yet I have lots of product design knowledge and I do free UX consultation sessions every week to fellow indiehackers just to keep up with the community and stay more connected. It's really awesome so far.

    Could I ask how the indielondon and indiebeers meetups helped you exactly? I just had a call with one of their founders because I am interested in doing the same thing in the Netherlands. Your feedback as a member would be really valuable in this case 😅

  3. 2

    Hey Sabba! Congratulations 😀

    I took a quick look at your website and my first impression is that search is playing a big role in driving top of the funnel traffic, am I right?

    Would like to know more about that part of the story. I rarely see founders execute an SEO strategy so well.

      1. 1

        "They found out which keywords were ranking and built 16 high-quality landing pages ..."

        What tool did you use for this? @sabba

      2. 1

        Good read, thanks!

  4. 1

    Hi! the link to calendly isn't working

    1. 1

      All sold out! Will do another one soon tho, it was really fun!

  5. 1

    Good on you mate. Great read. please share your story more often here.

  6. 1

    Brilliant work!! @sabba what's your next target? and when are you hoping to achieve it?

  7. 1

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your journey. Very inspiring.

  8. 1

    Is it intended that your blog link on the logo send me to heroku subdomain "https://veed-blog-3.herokuapp.com/blog/" 🏃‍♂️

  9. 1

    This was a happy post to read :) Congrats fellas

  10. 1

    Thanks for sharing the story. The growth looks solid. Will keep the trendline.
    All the best.

  11. 1

    Inspiring and informative. Thank you!

  12. 1

    @sabba - great work, great traction, and great milestone.

  13. 1

    Congratulations! Spectacular work. I remember repping VEED.IO a few times on LinkedIn and Twitter when you first posted here because of how awesome it looked and how amazing your story was. Really psyched to see you've been so successful with it. Cheers on the next million! :)

  14. 1

    Damn, missed the call options but would love to talk about adding VEED.IO to our Toolbox at Yena and also ask some questions ahead of our second phase of product development (we're focusing on MRR growth concurrently too).

    Will message directly if poss!

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    Congrats ! Are you working with the mbp 16inch ?

  16. 1


  17. 1

    Congrats!! just played a bit with it and loved it! video editing like it should be! Looking forward to it growing and getting better :)

  18. 1

    What an incredible rise. Been tracking you guys since your "rejected from YC" story, knew it was a matter of time.

    Enjoy the success!

  19. 1

    Congrats guys!!!!! Super proud!

  20. 1

    BOOM! Congrats guys! Loving following your journey and blog posts. Keem 'em coming!

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    This is really impressive! May I ask which subscription solution do you guys use? Have you implemented everything yourself (i.e. things like membership registration, payments, refunds, editing user profile, etc)? Or do you use a subscription software to manage that part of the work?

    Additionally, I could not see the pricing information at your site. I assume it is done so consciously. Would you like to share why..?

  22. 1

    Congratulations. It is definitely a dream come true, but I can only imagine the hard work you guys put into. Inspiring.

  23. 1

    Congrats Sabba!
    Thanks for the article, great to learn from your experience!

  24. 1

    This is awesome. Blogs a great read as well. Congrats big man. Love the second photo. Controversial of choice of beer from Tim!

  25. 1

    Congrats fellas. Massive kudos for your success so far, and also your generosity helping the rest of the London community 🔥

  26. 1

    That's insane. Congrats! Years of effort, now finally worth it :)

    1. 2

      Thanks so much Hugo! An overnight success, 10 years in the making!

  27. 0

    Interesting click bait. I hoped to find anything useful in the marketing section, but the most you could tell is to read a book on Traction? Hahaha. Really funny.
    Is this all you know? What about funnels? Which marketing venues you have used besides posting on IndieHackers and HackerNews? Are there tricks to organic SEO, paid ads, LinkedIn Pods, FB groups, email lists, cold email, cold calls? There are so many things you haven't explained.
    How did you get to 30,000 MAU in the first place? So many questions. So little answers.

    1. 1

      Hey Alex, we have done many really in-depth blog posts on this I just did not want to repeat ourselves. Here is a comprehensive breakdown on everything you asked above - https://www.veed.io/blog/startup-growth-no-budget/ If you have any questions let me know, or feel free book a call :)

      1. 1

        Seems legit. Thanks for sharing.
        Now I try to figure out how to find good competitor keywords using SEMRush. Can you point me in the right direction?

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