December 25, 2019

Launched and got first sale the same day

Pranjal Singi @pranjalsingi

Solving your own problem is way more encouraging and satisfying then solving something which you don't care about.

I got the idea for VeeFitt when I did my first 100 mile bike ride in early May 2019. That time I simply wanted a tshirt where there can be a simple logo and distance I biked. Didn't thought about it much that time.

Later in May I did even bigger bike ride in a day - The Journey: Boston to New York which was 207 miles. Now this time I definitely wanted a tshirt having those numbers on it. I thought if I need this tshirt, there would be soo many of others who may also need it.
This is how the idea was born.

After starting working on and off on the project with a colleague since July, sharing idea with many people, printing a prototype shirt and wearing it in group workouts, finally made the project live yesterday around 2 am. What a feeling it was. My first ever business.

Shared the news with the friend whom I did the Boston to New York Ride. She said she liked the website and the customized tshirts after authentiating through Strava.

This afternoon, I told one of my colleague website to get more reviews and feedback about the product as he uses Strava.
He very much liked it and literally bought a tshirt. Our first sale. This was an awesome feeling. The graph going up in Stripe looks soo nice.

In the coming days, will be doing more personal sales and getting more feedback to improve the product.

Also, I would really appreciate if anyone from the IndieHacker community can give feedback. The website is VeeFitt.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and keep building.. !

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