75 Paying customers

It has been 3 months since VenturesList 2.0 launched.

A lot of things happened, but my favorite moment was the Product Hunt campaign. I am very grateful to get the support from the community, including Indie Hackers fam.

Metrics worth mentioning from 30 Sep - 28 Dec:

  • 5,901 site traffic
  • 1,902 Gumroad views
  • 75 paying customers
  • $2,175 total sales

What next?

  • Launched ver 2.1 today: 50 new investors from MENA
  • Ver 2.2 launching soon incl. Notion version and database export

Celebrating this milestone. You can now access VenturesList Pro lifetime deal at USD $29 (Original USD $59)

Pay once. Access forever. Update monthly.

  1. 2

    Great work Felix! Congratulations on all your hard work and early success.

  2. 2

    Good job Felix - that's a pretty high traffic -> paid customer conversion rate!

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