April 17, 2020

Breakeven in 48 hours

Felix Wong @felix12777

Yes :) Because it's a low budget project
๐Ÿ‘‰ www.ventureslist.com

And it's LIVE on Product Hunt
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๐Ÿคฉ A lot of solid achievements too:

  • 12 new submission;
  • 1 partnership request;
  • 18 new connections made, 6 VCs;
  • 39 regions reached and 82.5% in Asia;
  • 765 website visitors and 11.1% returned;
  • Trending in #investment on LinkedIn within 46 hours;
  • Spent $29 on the domain name and $0 on marketing;
  • Received $30 on Ko-fi.
Today's Top Milestones
  • Update 125: +3 customers
    1. What we worked on last week and how well did we achieve our goals? โœ… Added 3 new customers for +$149 โœ… 1 sales call with qualified lead 2. What weโ€™
  • Started Acquisition Channel Experiments
    Here's our weekly update at our community for founders, Enter Network. 1) What did I work on last week? โœ… Put quite a bit of work into analyzing (the
  • Who needs a backend?
    My mac died with an uncommitted backend, so I decided to get rid of it completely! I've heard a lot about Firebase, but never had a chance to check it
  • Launch Day
    I prepared a drip email automation for the course content, linked it to Gumroad, and added a webhook to invite buyers to the private Github repo. Laun
  • MVP first release
    I give myself 6 weeks to build a MVP. It should have at least these features : - Subscription & Authentication - Adding/Editing/Removing Objects - Wis