October 9, 2020

Made $348, launched 1 week ago

Felix Wong @felix12777

I built VenturesList - a startup investment library designed to help early-stage startups develop funding knowledge and strategies by showing essential resources in the investment life cycle.

This is my week 2 since the product went live. I writing this quick overview of what I did before, during, and after launch.


  • From concept to launch: 30 days
  • Site traffic (last 30 days): 2,497
  • Pre-launch waitlist: 132
  • Product page view: 65
  • Sales: $348 from 12 sales

Before launch

  • Actively seek feedback and criticism from people in the industry. I get feedback from 1-2 people per day throughout the 30 days building process
  • I should have open the waiting list from day 1, but I only did that 14 days before the product launch. It's because of my value prop. was clear in the beginning
  • Build-in-public for 30 days, and publish update on Twitter and Makerpad every week. I screenshot my crappy wireframes, brand designs, and prototypes

Launch day

  • I shoot my project on time via Twitter and Makerpad with a launch offer that people can enjoy a 50% discount
  • No sales on launch day until I woke up the other day and I jumped super high from my bed

After launch

  • Use my other 2 side projects to increase visibility for this one. The 2 projects have 800 engaged emails combined
  • Post 2-3 times on various channels on a daily basis, such as social media, community, selected slack groups

Next steps

  • My waitlisters haven’t converted much. This is my biggest plan in the next few days. Re-nurture them and identify the gap
  • I still haven’t published on my most engagement channels: personal Facebook and LinkedIn. Currently working on a few niche content in order to maximize attention

Excited to hear your feedback on VenturesList

Happy hacking :)

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