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We help early stage startups develop funding knowledge and strategies by showing essential resources in the investment life cycle.

December 28, 2020 75 Paying customers

It has been 3 months since VenturesList 2.0 launched.

A lot of things happened, but my favorite moment was the Product Hunt campaign. I am very grateful to get the support from the community, including Indie Hackers fam.

Metrics worth mentioning from 30 Sep - 28 Dec:

  • 5,901 site traffic
  • 1,902 Gumroad views
  • 75 paying customers
  • $2,175 total sales

What next?

  • Launched ver 2.1 today: 50 new investors from MENA
  • Ver 2.2 launching soon incl. Notion version and database export

Celebrating this milestone. You can now access VenturesList Pro lifetime deal at USD $29 (Original USD $59)

Pay once. Access forever. Update monthly.

October 15, 2020 We’re Live on Product Hunt!

The first 2 weeks since VenturesList launched was super busy and rewarding.

I will take the hype to a new level today!

Super excited to publish VenturesList - The Startup Investment Library on Product Hunt!

Enjoy the launch deal & lifetime access until 31 Oct. Feedback is welcomed!

You will see:

  • The most active VCs, CVCs, accelerators, angels, and crowdfunding in APAC
  • Where to find the latest trends and reading resources about investment
  • All basic tools and documents needed to start raising capital
  • Venturepedia: 100+ investment terms and glossaries

Support VenturesList on Product Hunt

October 9, 2020 Made $348, launched 1 week ago

I built VenturesList - a startup investment library designed to help early-stage startups develop funding knowledge and strategies by showing essential resources in the investment life cycle.

This is my week 2 since the product went live. I writing this quick overview of what I did before, during, and after launch.


  • From concept to launch: 30 days
  • Site traffic (last 30 days): 2,497
  • Pre-launch waitlist: 132
  • Product page view: 65
  • Sales: $348 from 12 sales

Before launch

  • Actively seek feedback and criticism from people in the industry. I get feedback from 1-2 people per day throughout the 30 days building process
  • I should have open the waiting list from day 1, but I only did that 14 days before the product launch. It's because of my value prop. was clear in the beginning
  • Build-in-public for 30 days, and publish update on Twitter and Makerpad every week. I screenshot my crappy wireframes, brand designs, and prototypes

Launch day

  • I shoot my project on time via Twitter and Makerpad with a launch offer that people can enjoy a 50% discount
  • No sales on launch day until I woke up the other day and I jumped super high from my bed

After launch

  • Use my other 2 side projects to increase visibility for this one. The 2 projects have 800 engaged emails combined
  • Post 2-3 times on various channels on a daily basis, such as social media, community, selected slack groups

Next steps

  • My waitlisters haven’t converted much. This is my biggest plan in the next few days. Re-nurture them and identify the gap
  • I still haven’t published on my most engagement channels: personal Facebook and LinkedIn. Currently working on a few niche content in order to maximize attention

Excited to hear your feedback on VenturesList

Happy hacking :)

September 21, 2020 82 sign-ups on waitlist and launch count down

VenturesList 2.0 is designed to help early-stage founders discover, learn, and execute the first-round investment.

Do you know why your startup is struggling to raise its first-round investment?

In fact, less than 10% of startups received seed funding successfully, because...

1/ Zero-knowledge in glossaries e.g. term sheet, cap table
2/ They focus on pitching and not building its business
3/ Inconsistent funding goals and business strategies
4/ No idea how to approach the right investor or #VC
5/ They are monitoring irrelevant metrics

And many more. (Many more jokes too)

How might we create accessible startup investment knowledge?

I hope VenturesList is the answer to this hypothesis.

Some of my networks noticed that VenturesList 2.0 is 78% complete. Your opinion is crucial to the rest of the product.

What do you want to learn?

Be the 10% today:

This is part of Makerpad T30 Challenge. Product will be launched in a week :)

September 16, 2020 V2.0 - 40 ppl joined waitlist in the first 24 hour

Super excited to tell the IH community!!!

VenturesList is entering the next phase. Version 2.0 is going to be amazing!


Raising funds requires a lot of effort, and there is no shortcut. It is extremely painful for early-stage startups to get access to the right network, preparation, and knowledge.

Value Prop.

We help early-stage startups develop funding knowledge and strategies by showing essential resources in the investment life cycle.

Get startup investment insights to achieve your funding goal

Don't be the last person. Join waitlist TODAY

May 14, 2020 2100 site visitors & monthiversary

VenturesList passed the first 30 days milestone!

👻 This month I focused on getting feedback from the startup community and work with partners.

🤩 So far:

  • Reached 2,100 website site visitors and 14.5% returned;
  • Completed a Product Hunt campaign;
  • Featured on 4 tech media;
  • 17 new submissions;
  • 1 new partnership;

👊 Next month:

  • Update website and content
  • Expand geography coverage of VenturesList
  • Explore potential partners and contributors
April 17, 2020 Breakeven in 48 hours

Yes :) Because it's a low budget project

And it's LIVE on Product Hunt
🤟 Upvote NOW

🤩 A lot of solid achievements too:

  • 12 new submission;
  • 1 partnership request;
  • 18 new connections made, 6 VCs;
  • 39 regions reached and 82.5% in Asia;
  • 765 website visitors and 11.1% returned;
  • Trending in #investment on LinkedIn within 46 hours;
  • Spent $29 on the domain name and $0 on marketing;
  • Received $30 on Ko-fi.
April 14, 2020 Discover 500 VCs in the Asia Pacific!

Hey community - VenturesList gathered more than 500 active venture investment players in the Asia Pacific region.

It is designed to help founders discover the right investors, and venture builders from VCs, startup accelerators, incubators, angel investors, impact investors, and crowdfunding platforms.

Let us help founders create a simpler fundraising pipeline and spread the word.

If you’re an Investor/ venture builder, make sure to list yourself or the venture to make the list stronger.


We help early stage startups develop funding knowledge and strategies by showing essential resources in the investment life cycle.